TX – Turrican inspired Game

I started working on my next Game called TX (working title). It is an Turrican inspired platformer with some new elements. If you don’t know Turrican or you need to refresh your memory. Press this link Turrican sceenshots and more to gain more insigns in what i want to develop.

Why another Turrican? I just want to make it. When i was a child i played that game on my amiga and for me even today it is still one of the best platform games. Mostly i do it because i had a great time playing Turrican and now it is my hope to create a game that other players could enjoy as much as i enjoyed Turrican.

Will it be an exact clone? No. I want to add something extra to every of my games. For TX i do think about puzzles and alternative game play. Puzzles could be something like “Find the key to open a closed door before you can continue you way to the exit.” But maybe you do not neet to take this route – there might be another route threw the game without solving the puzzle. This is what i mean by an alternative game play.

Here is the first grafic that i created recently. It shows the head of TX. TX_head_version1The next post is comming soon and will show some more grafics that i made.

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